About the art

My work over the past four years has primarily consisted of architectural studies and drawings done in France, Slovakia, and the United States. I find great inspriation in the numerous old buildings, churches, castles, ruins and landscapes I have encountered in my travels. This extensive amount of time I have spent traveling has had a tremendous influence on my artwork and I’m sure will continue to do so for years to come. I have always been drawn to history and find that by studying these ancient structures, I am given a window to the past. This is what I attempt to describe through my work. There is something about old buildings, especially those in a state of decline and ruin that facsinates me endlessly and enthrals my imagination. In my work I have attempted to preserve some part of the history that I see fading away before my eyes, a history that has many stories to tell if we only pause and listen.

Alexander Brindley currently lives in Kosice, Slovakia where he is pursuing his artistic endeavors. He has spent extensive time living, studying, and working abroad, primarily in France and Slovakia.  This has in effect, greatly influenced his work and conceptual ideas. His work includes a broad array of landscape and architectural subjects, both from his native surroundings in Tennesse and Kentucky and time spent traveling abroad.  Being intensely drawn to historical subjects,  the dramatic landscapes and architectural ruins of bygone eras have been powerful subject matter to the artist and serve as sources of inspiration on a daily basis.

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