About the Art

“Every manifestation of Nature, recorded with precision, with dignity and with feeling can become the subject of art”    – Caspar David Friedrich


Finding his many sources of inspiration in the sublimity of the natural world with an equal fascination for historic architecture, Alexander Brindley draws upon these timeless elements as the primary subject matter for his work. With great influence coming from his native surroundings and extensive time spent abroad in Europe;  the connection between the agricultural landscape and architecture have remained a focal point for a number of years. With a particular fascination for old structures in decline, these remnants of a former time and place in an evolving landscape serve as powerful symbols.

Brindley does not work from photographs but instead has trained in a classical manner by doing all studies and preliminary sketches outside in the field with the subject matter directly, be it sketching in graphite or oil. These drawings are then used as reference material for more developed and finished works. This approach is reminiscent of 18th and 19th century landscape artists, whose influence Brindley draws upon.

Over the past decade the artist’s work has focused heavily on plein-air studies and drawings done while travelling in France, Slovakia, and at home in rural Kentucky. The numerous old buildings, churches, castles, ruins and landscapes encountered in his travels and extensive time spent living in Europe has had a tremendous influence on Brindley’s work and conceptual ideas.  Contemplating the beauty of nature and the intrigue of old buildings enthrall the imagination and serve as continued sources of inspiration for his work.

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