About the Art

“Every manifestation of Nature, recorded with precision, with dignity and with feeling can become the subject of art”    – Caspar David Friedrich


Finding his many sources of inspiration in the mystery, beauty, and sublimity of the natural world with an equal fascination for historic structures, Alexander Brindley draws upon these elements as subject matter. Influenced by his native surroundings and travel abroad, nature and historic architecture are strong focal points for his work. With a particular fascination for old structures in states of disrepair, decline and even ruin, remnants in the landscape of a former time and place serve as powerful symbols.

Over the past six years the artist’s work has focused heavily on plein-air studies and drawings in France, Slovakia, and at home in rural Kentucky.  Finding great inspiration in the numerous old buildings, churches, castles, ruins and landscapes encountered in his travels, extensive time spent living in Europe has had a tremendous influence on his work and conceptual ideas.   Contemplating the intrigue of old buildings, especially those in a state of decline and ruin enthrall the imagination and serve as continued sources of inspiration for his work.


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